Baritone ukulele lessons for young students (ages 7 to 9):
– To ensure that the student has a practice coach at home, parental involvement in each lesson is considered mandatory.
– You might think about learning how to play the ukulele with your child! 🙂
– The student will learn songs from a variety of styles (popular, classical, rock, and country) but each song will come from a library managed by me.
– Every song will be appropriate for younger students.
– Chords will be learned in a “one finger, two finger, three finger” approach.
– General music lessons on rhythm, pitch, notation, and other musical concepts will be part of the lessons.
– The baritone ukulele is tuned just like the top four strings of the guitar (D-G-B-E).  This makes it easy to transition to guitar!
– I currently have one loaner ukulele available for a new student to use (if you don’t want to buy your own).
– The cost of weekly half hour lessons is $85 per month.
– Check out these baritone ukulele VIDEOS from my teaching studio.
CONTACT me if you have any additional questions!