$85 MONTHLY LESSONS  This is a flat rate and doesn’t change on a month to month basis.  These lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis for half hour times or biweekly for hour times.  I won’t change your scheduled times and I will work with you to find make up times if your schedule changes.  First month of lessons will be pro-rated at $45 per hour of lesson time ($22.50 per half hour lesson).

$45 INDIVIDUAL HOUR LESSONS  These lessons are scheduled by checking my SCHEDULE page for an open time.  I will schedule a lesson outside of my regular hours if circumstances demand.  Please CONTACT me to confirm the time is still open and I will send you a PAYPAL invoice by email with the day and time included on the invoice.

There will be additional costs depending on what you need to PREPARE for lessons.

Payments and Cancellations:
– Payments for monthly lessons and individual hour lessons are paid in advance via PAYPAL invoice.  As soon as I receive payment, I will update my SCHEDULE page.
– You do not need to pay in advance for a lesson scheduled on the same day.  CONTACT me to make sure it is still available.
– I do not give refunds for missed lessons.
– Check my SCHEDULE page for open times to schedule a make up lesson.
– There is a two-week time limit for make up lessons.  A missed make up lesson will not be eligible for a make up.
– Please give fellow students the opportunity to use your scheduled slot for a make up by notifying me of an absence as soon as you are able to do so.
– If I miss a lesson and can’t reschedule within a two week period, that lesson will be refunded.
– Receive a $5.00 discount on monthly lessons by paying for the next month in-person on the last lesson of the month.
– Make checks payable to Adam Roberts.

Please CONTACT me if you have any questions.